LCP much worse on Cloudflare site than non-Cloudflare staging site - is it Cloudflare?

I am trying to figure out why my live site is scoring much worse on LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) in Page Speed Insights than the staging site. I would think they would be the same…the only difference I can think of is that the staging site is on a subdomain that does not go through Cloudflare.

Live site: (Live LCP 2.8)
Staging site: (Live LCP 2.1)

My staging site was passing everything in Page Speed Insights with flying colors, getting scores between 98-100 on every page. Then I made the site live, and now the LCP is failing on many pages.

Can anyone offer advice?

Thanks in advance,

Those two URLs look identical.

Hi there…they are identical, one is the staging site and the other is the live site.
The staging site passes all Page Speed Insights for mobile. The live site fails LCP for mobile. As far as I know, the only difference is Cloudflare.

BTW, I made the mistake of putting Cloudflare into development mode to test, so if you are seeing totally unstyled pages that’s why. The lack of styling is persisting even though I turned off development mode. It’s not clear from the documentation if development mode stays active for 4 hours even after you switch it off, but now I’m scrambling to figure out why there is no styling on my site :cry:

This is still valid, they are exactly the same URLs, they can’t be live and staging websites.

That’s your browser caching it, I see the styling.

Switching it off, means switching it off, so it’s off.

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Ooooo, thank you so much. I’m going blind here trying to figure this stuff out. The two URLs should be: (staging)

Sorry about that.

Page Speed Insights and GTMetrix are not seeing the styling either…I have no idea what is going on now.

If you do a hard refresh of the www site, do you see styling?

They look basically identical, slight CSS variations, but mostly identical to me.

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It was definitely something going on with Cloudflare. After troubleshooting with my hosting provider, I could clearly see that the lack of styling was being caused by Cloudflare even though I’d turned off developer mode for a few hours. So I made the decision to just delete my site from Cloudflare altogether and reroute my DNS back to my hosting providers server. And after that my Page Speed insights were better again. Thanks anyway to you guys who posted in response here.

Considering I was navigating the site via Cloudflare and it was working fine I would exclude the possibility of that being the cause.

The most likely explanation, as I said above, is that your browser kept a wrong fine in the cache and continued to serve it.

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I think your problem was related to NitroPack that u r using.

The only variable that is different between the good and bad results is Cloudflare. And in any case, putting it in development mode and having my site get totally jacked is no bueno.

I got rid of Cloudflare and everything cleared up immediately. Nitropack wasn’t installed till after all this, and it’s just made the site even faster. I’m just testing it out.
Thanks anyway for your input :slight_smile:

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