LB Health checking w/ Authenticated origin pull


I’ve noticed while setting up a LB that my health checks were failing because apparently they don’t provide the origin pull certificate when doing their checks. I found a previous thread here that asked about the same, with a response from the CF team saying that they’re looking into it, but unfortunately there still hasn’t been a update since then.

Is it possible this could be looked into again? It would ease the setup process a lot for others who also make use of authenticated origin pulls.

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Also tagging @cs-cf as he replied to the previous question regarding this

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Did you open a support ticket?

I haven’t as this seems more like a general question and I didn’t expect the need for it as the previous question on the forum regarding this got answered

That is unlikely something that can be solved here, so definitely open a support ticket and post the ticket number here so @cloonan can track it.

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Created a ticket, #1767230

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