Lazy load & Cloudflare Cache issue

We run a website that uses lightspeed, if Cloudflare caching is enabled We see first-time clients visit the page, Then it doesn’t include the app.js + lazyload.js and cookie.js. After an hard refresh with (Mac: Command + R + Shift / Windows: Shift + Control + R). Then it loads those 3 files in.

First time load:
After hard refresh:

Any idea how I can overcome this issue?

Can you please check the console, since there is an error?
Then post the error here

just added a page rule, might have changed the picture a little, need to test…

Ok, that’s just your AdBlock blocking GA.

Since the ressources you complained about, are all getting initiated by RocketLoader:

I would recommend disableing RocketLoader, then purge all cache, then try again and report back.

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Also, this PageRule will not have any effect at all since your site is getting served on “www”.
Add the “www” to the PageRule, to make it take effect at all.

Think it resolved the problem by disabling rocketloader. will do some more testing. many thanks.

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