Layer 7 vs DNS-only load-balancing


I’m a bit confused about the pricing, and how to in the UI to choose which once to use (both exist, according to /load-balancing/understand-basics/proxy-modes/).

For instance, the pricing I see when selecting Traffic > Load Balancing is $0.50 per 500k requests, which makes sense to me for DNS-only load-balancing, but not if it is proxying traffic (e.g. each request could have a huge payload, why is bandwidth not included?).

Am I missing a place to choose between, and what I’m seeing is just for DNS-only?

It’s worth noting I’m currently on a Free account, and do not yet have a verified proxy enabled.


Loadbalancing is based on on DSN queries whether the traffic is :grey: or :orange: .

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You can choose by (un)checking the proxy toggle. Orange = proxied, Grey = unproxied.

Cloudflare does generally not charge for bandwidth, but you are also generally not allowed to serve huge files. The proxy is free for serving “normal” web content (html, js, css, images and so on), but you are not allowed to use it for file distribution or videos:

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