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Hello, I have been trying to publish a page designed in Canva for a few weeks now. Unfortunately, the site is still not working. The site displays a message saying that the site is on the Cloudflare network (although we have owned it for 2 years and have never heard of it before). The site is hosted by according to them, the DNS propagates correctly and they see no errors. I have also contacted Canva’s technical support and they too say that everything is fine from their side. No one is able to say what is wrong and what we should do to make it work.
The only thing we finally got was this response from Canva which I quote below (which was presented to the domain provider).
Anyone perhaps have an idea here what is going on?

DNSSEC validation failure. Check | DNSViz and DNSSEC Analyzer - for errors

They advised that you provide that error to your domain provider, and they should be able to help fix this.

You may also ask your domain provider the following question:

Why are my DNS records not appearing in a DNS query for For instance by using Google’s DNS resolver: Query: - Google Public DNS

What is wrong? What error are you receiving?

No sign the site is using Cloudflare

% dig ns		3600	IN	NS		3600	IN	NS		3600	IN	NS

When I try to enter the website it displays this message:

Error 1001

Ray ID: 7b29e02e2d957278 •2023-04-04 13:25:09 UTC

DNS resolution error

What happened?

You’ve requested a page on a website that is on the [Cloudflare].
Cloudflare is currently unable to resolve your requested domain. There are two potential causes of this:

  • Most likely: if the owner just signed up for Cloudflare it can take a few minutes for the website’s information to be distributed to our global network.
  • Less likely: something is wrong with this site’s configuration. Usually this happens when accounts have been signed up with a partner organization (e.g., a hosting provider) and the provider’s DNS fails.

Error 1001: DNS resolution error

​​Common causes

  • A web request was sent to a Cloudflare IP address for a non-existent Cloudflare domain.
  • An external domain that is not on using Cloudflare has a CNAME record to a domain active on Cloudflare
  • The target of the DNS CNAME record does not resolve.
  • A CNAME record in your Cloudflare DNS app requires resolution via a DNS provider that is currently offline.
  • Always Online is enabled for a Custom Hostname (Cloudflare for SaaS ) domain.


A non-Cloudflare domain cannot CNAME to a Cloudflare domain unless the non-Cloudflare domain is added to a Cloudflare account.

Attempting to directly access DNS records used for Cloudflare CNAME setups also causes error 1001 (For example:** Open external links ).

Disable Always Online if using Custom Hostname (Cloudflare for SaaS ) domain.

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