Latest Version of Blocks Yahoo Mail

Cloudflare’s latest version of (Version 2022.8.857.0) is now blocking Yahoo Mail.

All other email clients are working great (e.g., Gmail, Webmail, etc.)

Our set-up: WARP enabled, with WARP, DNS Protocol: WARP, for Families: None

Temporary solution:: Exclude domain from WARP

Is anybody else experiencing the same? Solution?

Thank you!

Hello there,

Its working fine for me. Try using other browser.

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Hi @neiljay,

Tried that. Still not working :frowning:


Give it a try:

Try clearing browser cache
Try clearing system cache
Flush DNS
Make sure you are not using any vpn
Make sure any plugin blocking/ anti-virus
Check if you have blacklisted in case
Try using incognito mode

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Hi @neiljay,

Thank you for your guidance. Feeling dumb :roll_eyes:

Resetting our internet connection solved the issue.

We reset our internet connection per the instructions provided in this great article.


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