Latest DDoS Trends and the Evolving Threat Landscape

2020 was an unprecedented year — not just due to the pandemic and the world affairs, but also in terms of the frequency, sophistication, and distribution of cyber attacks. For example, in Q4 2020 alone, Cloudflare recorded a nearly 10x increase in protocol based attacks compared to the prior quarter.

Learn about the evolving DDoS threat landscape from Cloudflare’s vantage point, as the product team shares Q4’2020 DDoS trends and observations.

Vivek Ganti, Product Marketing Manager at Cloudflare will showcase how Cloudflare is uniquely positioned to help protect you from DDoS attacks and cyber threats, helping businesses to manage the implications of the current crisis on their infrastructure.

Join this webinar to:

  • Review the DDoS Trends Report with Product Expert, Vivek Ganti
  • Gather insights from the latest DDoS Trends Report
  • Learn how you can protect your network against threats without compromising on performance


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