Latency Issues with Cloudflare: Seeking Assistance and Solutions

Hello, I am experiencing latency issues with Cloudflare, as shown in the images below. Sometimes, Cloudflare works fine with a latency of 20-40ms, but other times it performs poorly with a latency of 400ms. It simply alternates between these two states; it stays good for about 20 minutes, then becomes bad for another 20 minutes, and so on. The issue is not with my server, as direct access to it is always fine.

How can we trust cloudflare if it is not supported? I’m not going to sign up for a plan at the risk of the service being as bad as it is with free. Because no one says that the latency is better in the premium plan, so the problem shouldn’t be the plan, now if they tell me that in the premium plan you can subscribe without fear that this problem will be solved, but there is no support, it would be better to pay for aws I think.

You can troubleshoot this by

  1. Check to check if there are any ongoing incidents that might affect your region.
  2. Use tools like traceroute or MTR to diagnose network issues. If the issue is persistent, document your findings with a screenshot or log file and share them here (redact anything you don’t want to share like IP)

The issue is not with the network. When pinging the Cloudflare proxy server, it responds in 15-20 ms, which is correct. However, the HTTP request takes around 400 ms. The problem lies with the Cloudflare server.

And there is also no issue in the region, as confirmed by checking cloudflarestatus.

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Can you run an MTR? Ping is good, MTR or trace will show where the loss is happening along the way.