Latency for Cloudflare's Brazilian POPs are selective and bad for different locations on the same state where POPs are

Hello Cloudflare Community,

We use the Pro plan and our main target audience is in Brazil.

As our local tests and the one reported below, we are getting selectively bad loading times even from users on the same region/state.

Since Cloudflare isn’t accepting new support tickets, we would like to ask here how to solve such problem.

In some tests, the latency is even higher than our origin server, which is in Canada.

Thank you.

Forgot to mention the test link: CDNPerf - CDN Benchmark - Worldwide multiple locations ping tool

Also, just to inform, the domain is:

I checked your website from 2 locations:
Brazil: Website Speed Test | Pingdom Tools
Germany: Website Speed Test | Pingdom Tools

Both giving nearly the same problems.
Please check Wait times.
This can indicate that your server is struggling sending reponses to the requests.
Can be some kind of a config issue or totally a different thing.
But all I see is wait times are high and this is generally nothing to do with cloudflare’s pop points.

For eg I don’t know why main page tries to load: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php and it took 1.7 seconds to load.

For eg in Germany: DNS is just 3.2 ms, SSL is 13.7 ms, Connect is 14.8ms, But waiting server to response for the first time is ~200ms which is too high.

Numbers are nearly the same for Brazil for the initial page load.

We’ve not stopped accepting support tickets.

I’m not sure how CDNPerf tests, but it’s entirely possible for some datacenters to have poor peering relationships and so it’s possible a request from DC413 (for example) could be routing to MIA in the US. It also doesn’t appear to be testing something like first contentful paint. So while a longer ping time (or whatever they are testing) might have some impact on overall load time I’m not sure what conclusion one could draw from this specific test or how perf from a DC compares to end user experience.


Also I’m not trying to minimize the result here. Just trying to understand what end user perception and experience is like. I did a quick spot check on a couple of URLs from the site and it looks like cache everything is probably in place, so there are a lot of performance optimizations that happen around user experience from our edge. Wondering what that translates to in a deeper test than what I imagine the CDNperf test does.

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