Last modified header

Hi, I am using CF on my production site.
When my server generate “last-modified” header, CF remove him
why this happens?
All works fine on my localhost, dev site. But on production site I can’t generate this header

I am afraid I cant reproduce that. Cloudflare preserves the header.

Maybe something caching related? Can you post the URL? prod site dev site

I presume they are both on the same server.

Your production doesnt send the header either


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they on same server and use same branch in git
dev site generate this header, prod - no
the only difference: prod use CF, dev - no

cannot find my mistake…

Will be probably some missing configuration entry or similar.

I have enabled CF on my dev site. And now dev site also cannot generate this header same as prod site.
I think problem is in CF. Because before CF enabling dev site generated this header without any problems

Well, if you server does not send it in the first place it cant be Cloudflare related. You first need to make sure it works on your server.

without CF it was working on the server

Was? You mean it currently is working if you bypass Cloudflare and go straight for the server?