Large Woocommerce Orders struggling with Cloudfare installed

We are running a very busy online shop that has huge traffic of 1000 a day and so we wanted to install cloudfare to speed things up.

One thing we are noticing is that most orders £15-20 or less are fine, but anything with large volumes of items are struggling at checkout. Any ideas?

Large Orders are totally fine when cloudfare is deactivated, but only when this is installed. Could it be caching? I have bypassed the checkout, cart, myaccount page.


No its very sure not Caching, as if it would be it would also apply to smaller orders. May you want to post the URL and I would have a look at the page.

What you in general should do is:
Open the Dev-Console, navigate to the “Console” Tab and start putting things (many) to your Cart and continuing going to the checkout. Continue untill you encounter the problem.

Now check the Log and what it states. If it does not help you feel free to post it here.

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