Large Increase in Data Transferred

I’ve just had my usual monthly email from Cloudflare and there’s been a HUGE increase in data transferred from my sites up to 9.84 GB from around 100MB in previous months.

Not being very technical, I don’t know what this means or why this has happened. Can anyone help?

Also, I’ve noticed in the same email it has the number of visitors much higher than the 7-8k Google Analytics tells me i get each month:

Looking at the Overview in the Cloudflare reporting shows this has continued into April. As I’ve made no changes to the site in that time, I don’t understand the increase.

Any help explaining the differences here would also be useful.

Your site seems to have a 200% increase in traffic since February. Congratulations.
Websites do have its organic way of gaining more traffic from getting listed more and more places (Search Engines) around the internet as its getting older and more reckognized.

The “Top Traffic Locations” numbers represent a breakdown of successful requests as per location, where a website consists of many elements, HTML, images, CSS, JS, and favicon.ico etc. which each counts as a successful request if the Status Code 200 (Found) is presented from the Origin.

Example: 1 frontpage, 79 images, 1 favicon.ico
This would produce 81 requests for 1 visitor.

Search Engines like e.g. Google Images are known to produce a high volume of data transfer. However, I would recommend you to check your Analytics where you can analyze the referral statistics on each website element. After this done, and if you’ve found out your images or videos are getting scraped/hotlinked you could investigate for eventually broken Copyright infringement and take necessary action against it, and “Enable” the Hotlink Protection to avoid any further “abuse” in the future if you’ve found this to have happened.

Also I would recommend you to read up on the “Google” SERPS (“Search Results”) to see if you could take advantage of this.

I’m failry new to all this and don’t have much experience with Google Analytics. Where do I look in Analytics to check this?