Large files stored in r2 are slow to download

Large video files stored in r2 were slow to download, but when I accessed small video files, they were fast. The data center I chose is in Western Europe, I downloaded this file using an Asian network, I suspect there is a problem with the data region. But I switched data storage to Asia and it was still slow. How can I solve this problem?


Is there any error displaying while the large videos are being downloaded? Provide us the screenshot.

Could you also provide us the response time as well

Thank you

Simple, when downloading a small file, such as a 500 MB file, the download speed starts fast, about 100MB/s, and will maintain this speed. However, when downloading large files, such as 3g files, the start speed is slow, and the download speed will slowly rise from hundreds of KB/s to tens of MB/s, but it is still not as good as the 100MB/s of small files. And sometimes the download speed of large files does not increase, maintaining a few hundred KB/s. This is the result of my long testing. Please help me with this. Thank you.