Laravel Livewire + Super Bot Fight mode

Hi all,

Here is another Laravel kinda question, is specifically to the super bot fight mode.

Anyway, upload images with Laravel+Livewire, it generates a temporary preview URL of the uploaded file, works perfectly for images

Doing the exact same thing for Video, super bot fight mode decides to block it and chuck up an error 500 as has blocked the servers own ip for the preview, kinda weird as that only happens with Video, not images preview.
Have confirmed this on the WAF overview and as a temporary measure, set definite bots to allowed, not that I want to keep it that way.

Would anyone have any suggestions on this? even if it means to spin up a worker to grab the preview file and serve it as the preview url.

Thanks in advance, am on the Pro plan by the way.


I will go try that, wasn’t aware that IP’s could be excluded from SBFM, if so, that will totally sort it as its only the ipv6 of the server itself which is getting blocked.

Come back shortly with the verdict.

Thank you!

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Tips hat to jnperamo!

That absolutely works, thank you VERY much, has totally gotten rid of the headache I was having, kinda gave in where I saw in the docs about nothing being able to override the SBFM option.



Nice to hear that your issue is solved! I’ll go ahead and mark the topic as solved :orangeblob:


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