Laptop stolen..wondering if its possible to recover a couple projects with file structure intact

I have 2 worker projects i had been doing developement with wrangler 2.

Unfortunately I don’t have a backup laptop and the backup Time Machine is maybe two months only. I did not have a repo running was just doing straight local development.

I’ve recently learned about GitHub now being unlimited and free AND codespaces.

I can see i am able to quick edit a worker…which is great for my smaller new project, I could piece it back together. BUT my older project is a bit more complicated.

  1. Cloudflare STAFF RESPONSE REQUESTED: Wondering if Cloudflare staff can once in a while recover a fully intact project with file structure that i had for my last version. This would require a Cloudflare staff member to review this thread for a response.

  2. COMMUNITY RESPONSE: Is it possible to get a quick edit of an older version so that i could do a diff compare and then piece back my changes to an older version of my project I had backed up. Not ideal (as I need to buy another computer for this to happen)

Thanks everybody, Direct support from Cloudflare tech team apparently is no longer avail for this topic on my free plan account (i have a paid account but issue is on my free account)

I’m sorry to hear this.

This is unfortunately not possible. When using Wrangler to develop Workers, your project is bundled into a single script before being uploaded. It is not possible to recover the original file structure.

Do yoh think its possible to get the quick edit file on a previous deployment.

Thinking of getting the quick edit of the previous deployment for when my computer was last backed up, then looking at the current quick edit, then throwing that in a diff checker, then going through the differences and applying it to my last back up

I’m personally unaware of any way to recover previous versions of a script.

Even if you could, it is likely the script was minified (variable/function names changed etc.) during bundling which would make diffing impossible.

It’s possible to see the current version in quick edit and the main js file seems to be readable in the code if you know what you are looking for. Looking for Cloudflare response