Language translator problem

language translator run around after using this
My website detects it and shows English, and then it shows Japanese again
Unbind Cloudflare and return to normal language again

Is there a setting error on which side?

My English is not good, please forgive me

My I ask if you are using Google Translate, or some plugin for WordPress?

May I ask how does it work and how does it detect or switch when the visitor from XYZ country visits your Website?

Does it apply the language based on the visitor IP address?
If so, you might want to apply the method of restoring original visitor IP address at your origin host/server as follows from the below article:

Or, maybe you have got some JavaScript conflict with the Rocket Loader feature, which you can temporary turn off or disable, Purge the Cache and see if anything changes in a few minutes or so, even by using different Web browser.

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