Label consistency in the Purge utility



I see both “file(s)” and “tag(s)” being used. Shouldn’t this all be standardized to “URL(s)”?


Eh… yeah that’s confusing. Must have bled over from the purge by tag option which ENT customers have. Created an internal ticket to track. TY!


We just released an updated version of Purge Cache, that fixes the design issues that you pointed out. Please check it out and see how you feel about the new version! Would love feedback!


=) I saw it the other day! Much cleaner.

Can you make it so clicking the example loads it into the textarea? Right now it opens a new window.


Either that or it shouldn’t be a hyperlink. :slight_smile:


The previous version showed recently used urls. We could click them to be add to the textarea. That was a nice feature. I was hoping to keep that.


A sub-request if I may:

Since only the URL option is available to me, can that be auto-selected?


@jules Thanks for the feedback. We’ve fixed the link bug and have also kept the recently purged tags. Let us know if you have any feedback. Thanks!



How about auto-selecting “URL” by default? Save us all a step. Especially when it’s the only option available.


Thanks @jules. I’ve passed on the feedback to our design team.


It would be helpful to have some sport of hostname/wildcard purge on lower plans… At least hostname (that would go well with per hostname analytics that I know are being investigated).


I see this in place! woo hoo!


We really need to stop listening to you… now you’ll just ask for another feature and another…


Soon you’ll be a world class service. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Would you mind proposing my idea above? Just copy and paste it! :roll_eyes: :joy:


If you make your suggestion a new Topic, I’d +1 it for you (or whatever it’s called here). However it’s unlikely to happen as purging by tag/hostname/wildcard is a selling point of higher plans. That being said, I’d like to see some of that in the Pro plan.


Yeah i guess that’s the case, even though it would be doable by me if I create some sort of alternative UI for it + a database of all the files… API exists for single file purge.


I guess you can recursively use the API to purge every single url of a hostname. Beat the hell out of their servers until they give you purge-by-hostname support for free/pro. Or until they decide to ban you. :rofl:


Well there are limits to the API, but I do not have tons of URLs.

EDIT: 1200 req/5 min each with 30 URLs.