la version du cache Cloudflare est servie avec un contenu obsolète.

Who can help me please, my site crashes due to cloudflare, the contents are not displayed, when I deactivate the SSL the site works, but when I activate the SSL the site crashes.

I empty cache clouflare delete all the plugins, change theme and even the error is always repeated, the caches make the site crash please, help me solve the error please.

I contacted a developer, and he said I must contact cloudflare because the error is out there and they are the ones who can help me.

I contacted a developer to help me resolve the error.
I contacted hosting service and I get the same error they say I contacted a developer or cloudflare.

my site has 7 days since it crashed please help me

That is NOT a Cloudflare cache hit. That comes from your server. The Cloudflare cache header is cf-cache-status

If you need more assistance, please post the URL that is not working.

Thanks for the quick response.

Your CSS files are getting a 307 Redirect from WordPress:

Thanks for the quick response.
You can give me a little explanation of this and how I can solve it.

We are always connected please …

You’ll need to find a developer who can actually examine your site and find out why WordPress is redirecting that request. Hopefully not the same developer as before. One who understands how Cloudflare works, not that it’s because of Cloudflare, but they need to know why.

Why when I deactivate the SSL the site works very well no error appears again.

I want to talk about SSL in cloudflare

What do you mean Disable SSL? What SSL setting were you using before?

can you see the image I sent for you please, in the image you will see where I deactivated the SSL

Yes, I can see the image.

This part is important because it is what’s triggering your problem.

Unfortunately I don’t understand

If setting it to Disabled fixes the problem, which setting did you have before? Was if Flexible, Full, or Complete (Strict)?

The site does not work with other options, only if I disable SSL,

I used Complet (strict) before

Again, you’ll need to consult with a developer who can look at your site’s backend and explain why WordPress redirects a URL that WordPress includes in your homepage.

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In the screenshot you shared the cache status with a HIT is not Cloudflare’s cache. Cloudflare’s cache header is “CF-Cache-Status”


Do you have an explanation on how you can help me solve this please.

Your origin server appears to be sending the wrong mimetype for the css resources. css mimetype - Bing

Sorry I’m not a web admin so can’t tell you how to fix it, but a number of links on the web describe the issue like this one: CSS and JS files are interpreted as MIME type text/html · Issue #2224 · getgrav/grav (


As it redirects to the homepage, I suspect it’s either the homepage itself, or some sort of Redirect Page that’s getting returned in its place.