KV Store - Is this widely available for Worker apps?

Hi there,

Does anyone know if it is viable to use the KV store within a Worker that will be on the App store?

I have a number of predefined settings for a worker, for example compress js, css etc that are domain specific.

I would like to be able to update this by calling a hidden URL, storing the response in the KV store and have the worker read these values.

Originally we where pushing a new version of the worker via the API key (that the user entered manually) but from what I have read, the CF oauth does not provide the users API key - I may be wrong here.

Any help would be great as I’m slightly confused by the docs and that fact that you have to ask for KV store to be enabled.

Thanks in advance

Form what I know KV is not supported on the CF Workers Apps.

It seems like KV is more available now? Looking to use this with my Cloudflare App. Possible?

Hey @chasers!

KV has entered general availability for Workers users as of this week. Hooray! The announcement post is live here:

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