KV storage calculation

I created a workers site using the wrangler CLI and uploaded the content (all static).
On disk prior to upload, the files measures 82.5 Mbytes of data (and 861 files), a mix of text and image files.

However when I check my overall KV storage use in the dashboard it shows I have used
Storage 1.957/1 GB (yesterday it showed another figure, but not the expected value.
This wrangler site data is the only data I’ve uploaded to KV.

I’m not sure how this is calculated. I also checked the number of KV values in the namespace and it’s 861, the same number as the number of files.

There is an error in that calculation, Cloudflare is rolling out a fix soon. Billing was verified, and no impact on the underlying calculation.

Keep an eye on this, and if you believe you were wrongly billed, contact support.

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