KV slow updates

We are experiencing very slow updates, on a single worker (not worried about global propagation.)

If I write a record, it often takes up to a minute to show in a read/list. Is there any way to speed this up? I am happy to sacrifice speed of global propagation for local (to the initial worker.) I’d rather not have to rewrite our app graphql-server as a DO, if possible.

You can see a demo of the issue, here:

In app, if you press “Add One” it will take about a minute to show up (refresh the window.)

60 seconds is the normal time for KV updates to be visible, documented here:


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That link hilights my issue:

Changes are immediately visible in the Cloudflare network edge location at which they are made but may take up to 60 seconds to propagate to all other network edge locations

So, on a single network edge location, I am seeing 60 seconds updates, as well. You can see this in the demo, if you have a look (I deployed it here). If it worked as documented, it would add to the list immediately, and eventually all the other edges would match.

Our customers tend to stay at the same edge-location, and only mess with their own account-owned data, so single-edge immediate updates, with slow global-propagation would be totally fine.

Is this a bug, or an issue with the documentation?