KV PUT failed: 413 Payload Too Large


I’m getting KV PUT failed: 413 Payload Too Large on a simple key-value-metadata write operation.

Checking the actual size of the data:

  • metadata size: 1095
  • body size: 6976

This is well beyond the limit of 25 Mb. Unless the metadata has a lower value which is not specified on the api docs.

Any ideas?

Furthermore… the documentation and functionality is bugged. I am specifying expiration_ttl and it’s not set/stored at all. However the documentation says:

" Existing values, expirations, and metadata will be overwritten. If neither expiration nor expiration_ttl is specified, the key-value pair will never expire. If both are set, expiration_ttl is used and expiration is ignored."

So far so good…

Hi there,

Key metadata is limited to 1024 bytes:

Thanks, appreciated.

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