KV keys optional prefix retrieving


So I want to add prefixes to keys, to facilitate lists. But when reading KV key without using its prefix, it returns null.

KV keys by <date>:<title>. i.e., 2019-11-21:The Title

It’s easy to filter KV keys by date using `NAMESPACE.list({‘prefix’: ‘2019-11’}).

But, how do I get the value of The Title without knowing its prefix?
Is there a way to get a KV value without knowing its prefix?

Additionally, could I list based on partial strings (not from left-to-right) or multiple strings?

example prefix: userid-yyyy-mm-dd-tag1-tag2-tag3

This allows me to list: “user13-2019-12” to list all user links from user13 in december 2019

but what if I want to get a little more creative:

list: all key values from 2019-12 (all users)
list: all key values from user13 with tag3 (all dates)


See this post: