KV GET failed: 429 Too Many Requests


We are on enterprise plan, but got some 429 errors when making a GET request from worker to KV today. I haven’t found anything in the documentation regarding KV limits for paid plans. What could cause this error?

What’s returning the 429, the Worker or the KV operation?

Contacting your CSM would be the quickest way to get an answer.

KV GET request returns 429. Exception is then catched by worker and sent to sentry.

Where are you seeing the 429, just as the value you get back? The .get(key) binding should just return string or null.

yep, the .get(key) method returned 429. there were 42 such errors, and right now we’re not seeing them anymore.

Do you have an example of one of the errors that got shipped to Sentry? Feel free to censor anything identifying or sensitive, just interested to see the code that’s running into that error.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend opening a ticket with support too. It sounds like it might be the same as this: