KV GET failed: 401 Unauthorized


I noticed today that my worker received a “KV GET failed: 401 Unauthorized” error about ~400 times across 4 hours today.

The issue seems to have stopped as of 2 hours ago. Does anyone know what might be the cause of this issue? I haven’t seen the status page mention anything like this today, so wondering if others have also experienced the same issue today.

So far, no responses.

I don’t use KV much. Is that a Github screen? Or is this your own custom app?

Judging by search results here, this has never happened before.

The screenshot is from Sentry, which I use to track all the errors that happen in my worker.

I’ll probably be opening a ticket later today to see if support maybe knows why this issue occurred as it indeed seems to be a error that you shouldn’t receive normally

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Hey @cloonan and @harris sorry for bothering you, but I seem to be unable to create a ticket currently, receiving a gateway timeout when I try to create it

Oh looks like my attempt(s) did go through and create 2 tickets heh. Though that timeout is probably still something to be looked at

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Thank you, I will let the team know.


I guess I should implement KV key read/write check for all my workers then, didn’t think this would become an issue. (I had it earlier today too)

Yeah it’s definitely something unexpected. Trying to get behind the cause with support at the moment, but currently they’re just suggesting to disable Cloudflare to see if I still get the error… so it will probably take a bit

Seems like it was just a temporary bug which should be already fixed by now.

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing some difficulties.
This was caused by a bug with recent Workers KV update. There was an incident latter declared but no retroactive status page was made.