KV get() always returning null

I’m new to Cloudflare Workers and can’t seem to get past this problem with KV. When run locally, any attempt to get() a value for a key returns null.

wrangler kv:key seems to be telling me the key/values are there:

$ wrangler kv:key get somekey --binding deletemekv --preview false
$ wrangler kv:key get somekey --binding deletemekv --preview

Running wrangler dev seems to tell me that the worker has access to the binding:

$ wrangler dev 
 ⛅️ wrangler 3.9.0
Your worker has access to the following bindings:
- KV Namespaces:
  - deletemekv: 1eb11b1465f4433d82e8fbbb371184d2
- Vars:
  - ENVIRONMENT: "production"
⎔ Starting local server...

And yet with this bit of test code:

export default {
	async fetch(request, env) {
		try {
			var test = await env.deletemekv.get('somekey');
			console.log("somekey: " + test);
		} catch (error) {
			console.error("Error fetching from KV:", error);

		return handleRequest(request);

I get

somekey: null

On the other hand if I deploy and look at wrangler tail I get the expected:

 (log) somekey: somevalue

Looking at the KV dashboard for 1eb11b1465f4433d82e8fbbb371184d2, the somekey key is there.

Here’s my wrangler.toml file:

name = "sonar-get-token"
main = "src/index.js"
compatibility_date = "2023-09-18"

kv_namespaces = [
	{ binding = "deletemekv", id = "43254afb2b444325aa57cd65e2249991", preview_id = "1eb11b1465f4433d82e8fbbb371184d2" }

ENVIRONMENT = "production"


vars = { DEBUG = "1", ENVIRONMENT = "test" }

kv_namespaces = [
	{ binding = "deletemekv", id = "43254afb2b444325aa57cd65e2249991", preview_id = "1eb11b1465f4433d82e8fbbb371184d2" }

Any hints on what I’m missing here? TY

The issue you’re experiencing is likely because local development doesn’t interact with Cloudflare’s remote KV store, it instead uses your local storage. This means that unless you’ve created the key locally, you will not be able to access it, and it will return null. If you want to run your worker in remote mode, then use the --remote flag. Or to make the key locally, wrangler kv:key put example example --binding deletemekv --local

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