KV Consistency - Last Write Wins Always?

I am considering using a combo of KV and Durable Objects. I would write to DO and then push that to KV within a transaction. How does KV handle consistency - is it last write wins? I want to make sure the last write to DO is what is “eventually” the last write to the KV and what is displayed as the correct record. I am ok with a period of time where KV is inconsistent with the DO since it may have stale data, but if I write two records within a second of each other into the DO, and then the DO writes the records in the same order out to the KV, is the expectation that the 2nd write will always eventually be the correct record in the KV?

The last write that gets synced to the source data, yeah. Might not be all that consistent, but DO is single-threaded, so you shouldn’t have many issues. Not 100% sure, as I never tried exactly this scenario.