KV Bandwidth is same as KV Writes? It shows size not the requests.. Need to understand the pricing

As per the link the KV pricing

Your $5 Workers monthly base charge includes:

    1 GB of Worker KV storage
    10 million Worker KV reads per month
    1 million Worker KV writes per month
    1 million Worker KV deletes per month
    1 million Worker KV list operations per month

Additional KV operations are priced as follows:
    $0.50 per GB of additional Worker KV storage per month
    $0.50 per million additional Worker KV reads
    $5.00 per million additional Worker KV writes
    $5.00 per million additional Worker KV deletes
    $5.00 per million additional Worker KV list operations

As per last week stats.

When I look at the console, it doesn’t show KV Reads and Writes, It shows total requests, bandwidth and storage…

How do I interpret this KV bandwidth? Is it part of pricing? Am I within in the $5 per month? Please clarify.

Looks like you’re inside the limit except for storage. 1.43GB overage * 0.5$

Sorry, it shows last weeks stats only. So maybe * 4x all stats?

Can you clarify the overage 1.43 GB? It is not storage, it is KV Bandwidth, The Storage is 590MB… That is why it is confusing Bandwidth vs Writes? I am not able to find where it shows…

You’re right, it’s 590MB. Since that’s consumed in a week, you’d probably expect 2,3GB written in a month. And if you don’t delete it, You’d have 27GB stored in a year.

Bandwidth is not charged.

The KV requests can be seen in the billable usage tab. Go to billing from the Dashboard home, where you see your invoices and there is a side tab saying billable usage.

All I see is cumulative, no reads/writes or requests…

Hi @techy,

Sorry for the confusion here. It looks like you’re currently under all billable limits:

  • You have under 600 MB of data stored, so you’re under the 1 GB limit.
  • You’ve made fewer than 200,000 total requests to KV, so you’re under the 1 million limit for each of the operation types.

You make a great point about the lack of breakdown between reads and writes. We’ve made improvements to split the different request types up over the past couple weeks, and those changes should be live very soon. Sorry for the confusion in the meantime :slight_smile:



Although I notice now that your graphs are only for 1 week of data. I can’t say for sure that your request numbers aren’t too high without seeing a full month’s worth of data. It’s unlikely you’re over any of the 1 million request limits unless the other weeks in the month had significantly more traffic than the one in your screenshot, though.


Thanks for the Reply, appreciate it. Will wait for the changes to see the breakdown.!