Kubernetes tunnel and how to debug?

Hi, I have configured to use Cloudflare tunnels to run in Kubernetes.

I am having issues that my tunnels disconnects and pod crashes after something 15-60 seconds.
I have also set log level to debug my I can’t really find what causes the issues with tunnels going down.
Anyone else that have experienced these issues?

I am able to access the web service I have set up for about 40-60 seconds and then tunnel goes down and web service is inaccessible.

Typical standard output error message:

10:00:54Z INF Starting tunnel tunnelID=<tunnel_id>
10:00:54Z INF Version 2022.1.2
10:00:54Z INF GOOS: linux, GOVersion: go1.17.1, GoArch: amd64
10:00:54Z INF Settings: map[config:/etc/cloudflared/config/config.yaml cred-file:/etc/cloudflared/creds/credentials.json credentials-file:/etc/cloudflared/creds/credentials.json no-autoupdate:true]
10:00:54Z INF Generated Connector ID: <tunnel_id>
10:00:54Z INF Initial protocol http2
10:00:54Z INF Starting metrics server on
10:00:54Z INF Connection 5bc7cf87-f63f-4897-9846-74e68d484f44 registered connIndex=0 location=ARN
10:00:55Z INF Connection e88046f1-cc23-438c-be3d-0b3931dc4919 registered connIndex=1 location=FRA
10:00:56Z INF Connection 4af20730-63dc-4864-a2cb-4dedbbba4558 registered connIndex=2 location=ARN
10:00:56Z INF Connection c94ff088-9041-4c2c-bd46-c91ef99e34c5 registered connIndex=3 location=FRA
10:01:13Z INF Initiating graceful shutdown due to signal terminated …
10:01:13Z INF Unregistered tunnel connection connIndex=2
10:01:13Z INF Unregistered tunnel connection connIndex=1
10:01:13Z INF Unregistered tunnel connection connIndex=3
10:01:13Z INF Unregistered tunnel connection connIndex=0
10:01:13Z INF Tunnel server stopped
10:01:13Z INF Metrics server stopped

I am using this manifest:

Looks like I have issue with the livenessProbe settings. When I removed them everything seems to work fine.

        # Cloudflared has a /ready endpoint which returns 200 if and only if
        # it has an active connection to the edge.
        path: /ready
        port: 2000
      failureThreshold: 1
      initialDelaySeconds: 10
      periodSeconds: 10

So closing this issue.

The image cloudflare/cloudflared does not expose port 2000 in its Dockerfile nor is containerPort: 2000 specified in the deployment cloudflared.yaml

So how can the livenessProbe reach port 2000? Is this the cause of the error?