Kubectl forward and exec do not work through Cloudflare Access

Hi dear community,
I got some good result using kubectl and Cloudflare Access with a private EKS master API endpoint.
Now I tried to use some other functionality like kubectl forward and exec but I get the follow errors, like the protocol needed is not supported.

kubeone port-forward hello-6fb46f8b-4jbbz 8080:8080
error: error upgrading connection: error sending request: Post https://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.gr7.eu-central-1.eks.amazonaws.com/api/v1/namespaces/default/pods/hello-6fb46f8b-4jbbz/portforward: EOF

Or with the exec

kubeone exec -ti hello-5bdc894fd9-6bgcp -c tunnel -- sh`
error: error sending request: Post https://C3D7C506F95E8ACF9F629346617F7322.gr7.eu-central-1.eks.amazonaws.com/api/v1/namespaces/default/pods/hello-5bdc894fd9-6bgcp/exec?command=sh&container=tunnel&stdin=true&stdout=true&tty=true: EOF

How can I make these working?

Hi @alessandro.surace,
I am also trying to setup cloudflare for my EKS master API endpoint and use cloudflare access policies to control who can access it. Would you be able to share the knowledge of how to set it up please?

I also created community post to explain my problem - Need help setting up cloudflare to aws eks via kubectl