Kubectl forward and exec do not work through Cloudflare Access

Hi dear community,
I got some good result using kubectl and Cloudflare Access with a private EKS master API endpoint.
Now I tried to use some other functionality like kubectl forward and exec but I get the follow errors, like the protocol needed is not supported.

kubeone port-forward hello-6fb46f8b-4jbbz 8080:8080
error: error upgrading connection: error sending request: Post https://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.gr7.eu-central-1.eks.amazonaws.com/api/v1/namespaces/default/pods/hello-6fb46f8b-4jbbz/portforward: EOF

Or with the exec

kubeone exec -ti hello-5bdc894fd9-6bgcp -c tunnel -- sh`
error: error sending request: Post https://C3D7C506F95E8ACF9F629346617F7322.gr7.eu-central-1.eks.amazonaws.com/api/v1/namespaces/default/pods/hello-5bdc894fd9-6bgcp/exec?command=sh&container=tunnel&stdin=true&stdout=true&tty=true: EOF

How can I make these working?