KonyMobile - header Charecter

Dear Support,
We have put a sub-domain behind Cloudflare and we have noticed that is it changing the Character case.

This is the message before the change.
KeepAliveSecs=30, X-Kony-DeviceId=0988869D-FCAB-42AA-B0CE-2833FF5277C9, X-Forwarded-For=, Accept-Language=en-us, X-Kony-API-Version=1.0, Content-Length=45, Content-Type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded}

This is after the change to Cloudflare :
, **x-kony-api-version=**1.0, X-WebLogic-KeepAliveSecs=30, content-type=application/json; charset=utf-8, Content-Length=72, CF-RAY=71db5521e8bc9f59-DOH, accept-language=en

Any ideas on how to change feature that is effecting our site ?