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Not sure what you’re trying to access that generated that error but given the hostname gmail.com.cloudflareaccess.com I’m going to guess you may be trying to put in the team name for a Cloudflare for Teams deployment maybe? Your team name would not be gmail.com.

From: https://developers.cloudflare.com/warp-client/teams/Windows-Teams

1. Click  **Login with Cloudflare for Teams** .
2. Enter your auth domain (if your auth domain is [https://example.cloudflareaccess.comOpen external link](https://example.cloudflareaccess.com/) you would enter  **example** )

I don’t even know how that would get there. The Auth Domain won’t let me put in more than just the one word for my team name. Trying to put in a dot invalidates the team name and won’t save.

Depends on the client version (and maybe OS?). There was a bug that allowed it at one point which was reported/fixed. Still a lot more we know we can do to make the whole setup easier and more intuitive.

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