Known Bots Suggested Updates?

So the “Known bots” firewall rule is forced to “equals”, but what if I want to block bots that “do not equal Known Bots”?

Also, according to the list of ‘known bots’, looks like Facebook bot is missing:

It’s not forced to true, it defaults to true. You can set it to false.

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ahhh, oops, didn’t realize the logic there.

Edit: ok so setting it to “not true” basically just challenges ALL traffic. I just want to it to challenge/block unknown bots…

Anything thats not a known bot is an unknown bot, if you want to be more strict enable the “bot fight mode” which should explicitly block/challenge malicious bots/crawlers etc.

Note that bots get smarter every day that passes and even the most expensive solutions that cost millions are bypassed, it just happens that the spectrum of bots that are on your site is reduced significantly.
If you are concerned about bots, best is to ask for it on the enterprise plan or have it handled by a third party tool.

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