KnowBe4 Training Platform - 502 error

Hi, I am having an issue with my KnowBe4 training platform login when on gateway with WARP. We use OKTA for SSO/SAML auth, and, following the successful response via OKTA, the redirect results in a 502, bad gateway response code from Cloudflare Gateway. Here is what I have tried:

  • I have disabled all policies, waited some time and tried again.
  • I have checked the gateway logs, and they all say that both the DNS and HTTP request were allowed (both for and the related okta request).
  • When I switch to DNS only (or turn off gateway) it works immediately.
  • Before we had the okta integration, I was able to authenticate without issues.

Any tips on what to try next would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Can you share a screenshot of the error you are seeing and also have you considered adding the application behind Cloudflare Access which is also a component of Cloudflare for teams - Add web application. This will allow you to use your OKTA SSO to authenticate users. This will allow a seamless integration of your application with Cloudflare gateway.

Tobi, here is the screenshot.

The app proxy option is one we will investigate as well. For now, though, I am trying to figure this out.