Kinsta and Cloudflare issue

Kinsta configuration pending:

I’m using Kinsta and Cloudflare for over a year now, didn’t make any change. Suddenly I get this message, I contacted Kinsta and they told me the following:

" The domain seems to be banned on the Cloudflare network.

Please have the domain owner email [email protected] directly to inquire about the block on Cloudflare’s network. We have drafted the email content below to help ensure all necessary information is available for Cloudflare to process your request. You may copy and paste this into your email client when emailing [email protected]

Dear Cloudflare Safety & Trust Team,

My host, Kinsta, is a managed WordPress provider that utilizes Cloudflare in front of their hosting. When recently trying to add my domain to their platform, I encountered an error stating that my domain has been banned from use on the Cloudflare platform.

My domain is:

I’m willing to work with your team in order to resolve this ban. Please let me know how I can proceed.

Thank you.

Once the email has been sent to Cloudflare you should hear back from them within 24 - 48 hours. When the block has been removed you may proceed normally with managing your domain within MyKinsta."

> I contacted Cloudflare and I’m just getting redirected to Billing and then Billing is redirecting me to Trust & Safety for days now, my site still being down for no reason.

Hi @user19099,

I’m afraid there is nothing the community can do to assist with this. Once a ticket is escalated to Trust & Safety even most employees can’t access it.

Hopefully you’ll get this resolved soon. You could always ask Kinsta to reach out to Cloudflare and see if they can push your case, as I imagine they have Enterprise support.

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