Kinda dumb question about terminology

** I know this might seem dumb **

I am using Cloudflare on the free tier. I’m pointing my domain’s name servers at it and using CF for DNS management, DDoS prevention, Brotli compression and enforced HTTPS.

Next week I need to migrate my domain from a .rocks domain to a .com domain.

The docs on Cloudflare say to use “Page Rules” but they also say this:

Traffic must pass through Cloudflare for Page Rules to work. If you only use Cloudflare for DNS, Page Rules are not active.

I’m unsure what my status is. I mean I assume traffic is passing through CF as I see analytics and CF is compressing my assets etc. But it this right?

I keep coming back to the fact that I’m on the free tier and therefore maybe traffic isn’t passing through CF.

Please help a CF Noob

Can you elaborate? Cloudflare actually does not do anything here. You do have a certificate on your server, right? If not, your site would be still as insecure as ever.

What’s the domain? Though, you can easily check for that in your DNS settings on Cloudflare via the proxy status.

When you see analytics for your Domain the Traffic likely goes through Cloudflare. When you see a :orange: in your DNS Settings for the Domain then your Traffic goes through Cloudflare and PageRules are working for this Domain

Thanks for this reply. I see this:

So I assume I’m good. Thanks.

Again, what’s the domain and do you have a certificate on your server?

As for proxying, yes, these records are proxied.

Sorry when I say enforced HTTPS, I mean I select the option to have CF redirect all HTTP to HTTPS.

You don’t need Cloudflare for that, you can do that on your server too.

I know, but I am using CF to do it.

Sure, the important thing is you have a proper SSL setup on your server.

Yeah I do, that’s all handled on my PaaS setup. For this site I’m using Heroku.

Then you should be good and page rules will fire.

Amazing. Thank you so much for the back and forth :metal:

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