Keymaster Blocked

Hello so today I got blocked from [Preformatted text]( because I was refreshing it too many times is what it seems like to me because that is all I was doing to keep in touch with the FiveM servers to see if they were back up and running and one of the times that I did refresh it it must have had enough and then blocked me. What do I have to do to get unblocked? That’s pretty unfair to say the least.

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You need to read this

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The Article that @anon9246926 Posted will explain why we can do nothing against this.

But other Info for you:

It seems like they Blocked Everyone from the Domain for now because they have Problems with their Infrastructure. From there Status Page:

Update - We’ve restored the infrastructure to a minimum service mode.
Players are now able to connect to servers, and servers can authenticate with Keymaster.
Other services may still experience issues.

So seems like, they blocked everything exept from the Gameservers to access the Keymaster Domain to stabilize the Infrastructure


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