Key Usage (80) & Basic Constraints SSL Error

Does anyone know what would cause “Key Usage” and “Basic Constraints” errors for website?
Certificate states valid but when you dig down into the details I noticed the below warning signs.

Those are warnings, not errors. Is something not working?

Other than my site suggesting that it isn’t secure nope all is well. Not secure

Not secure2

Those are completely normal and are (hopefully) present on every end user certificate you see on the web.

That is probably an ECC cert, as they are often only required for Digital Signature. RSA certs typically also include Key Encipherment, and certs expected to work with DH ciphers include Key Agreement.

The Basic Constraints generally ensure that these certificates cannot be used to create an intermediate CA, as they cannot be used to sign other certificates.

The not secure you are seeing is due to Mixed Content. See this Community Tip for further details.


Thank you for explaining with such detail. Your link will be of great use.

Just to add, the :warning: means the extension is Critical, and is not a warning. A user agent must reject the certificate if it encounters a critical extension that it does not recognise, or that contains information it cannot process or understand.


Turns out there were a few images that were linked through http instead of https. So you sent us on the right path to resolve. Thank you.

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