Keeps showing 5xx error page

Always shows 500 error page on This started when I put the site on maintenance mode, in this mode the site header response is 503 so it showed the error page which was expected.

I now after the maintenance tried to take the site online and now the site should be functional but it still continues to the error page. When I disable the proxied setting of the sub domain then the site starts working but with proxied it again shows the error page.

What I need to do to get this working again?

I asked the same on support ticket at Cloudflare Help Center but no one replied it.


May I ask is this 503 error comming from your origin host / server or Cloudflare?
Can you post a screenshot of it?

Furthermore, some more information about 503 error can be read at below articles:

I’m still seeing Maintenance Mode on your site. Is this expected?

You may have to take a step back and Pause Cloudflare from the lower right corner of your domain’s Overview page at Give it five minutes to take effect.

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