Keeps on pending nameserver update

Hi everyone,

I’m new at cloudflare and wanna try the free plan for secure the connection to my house.

I have and my nameservers are correct but for 2 days it is saying “Pending Nameserver Update” I already checked 5 times and it is correct the nameservers. Check via the whois and cloudflare are the name servers so I don’t get it.

Thank you for any help.

Your DNSSEC configuration is broken.

You’ll need to enter the values provided by Cloudflare at your registrar or disable DNSSEC.

At this point, they might not have values yet. I’d go with disabling DNSSEC just to get things working.

If there are no values, there’s of course nothing to enter.

That’s the thing DNSSEC is disabled in cloudflare

But you need to remove the DS record on your registrar’s side as well, that’s what I meant by disabling it.

Yeah I just got me another domain at another registar and I’ll be moving all my domains because was trying to work with the servicedesk and it is broken so can’t get any help from there.

In that case just make sure DNSSEC is not enabled at the new registrar.

it is enabled but it is one where it works hahaha.

As far as the domain you mentioned is concerned you need to disable it first, in order for Cloudflare to validate it.

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