Keeps force log out website


I’m looking for some help regarding this issue I’m facing.

I have whmcs 2FA authentication enabled for my backend and my customers do not have 2FA but still getting kicked out.

We are all getting constantly locked out and every time it needs force logs me out and I need to relog.

I have tried creating a page rule for this as it was recommended in a post somewhere but still having the same issue.

I created a page rule for*

I made settings for

Browser Integrity Check
Cache Level - Bypass
Disable Apps
Disable Performance

What am I missing?

Thank you all.


There are two workarounds to stop WHMCS from automatically signing out after making changes:

1.) Not Recommended - You can sign into WHMCS and go to System Settings >> General Settings >> Security, and then click on the box for: Disable Session IP Check

2.) Determine the IP’s that you are using to access your domain, and add those IP’s as Trusted Proxy IP’s. More information on this can be found here:

If you are using Cloudflare, you will need to add the Cloudflare IP’s to this list. The Cloudflare IP list can be found here: