Keeping track of renewals...?

I’ve transferred a number of domains now to Cloudflare, and I have a
lot more to transfer to you, as they come up for renewal, but I was
wondering, about renewals:

Is there someplace where I can see the list of:

• All my domains registered with the Cloudflare registrar,
• When each is scheduled to renew (or expire, if not set to auto-renew)
(preferably sorted by the ones with the soonest upcoming expiration dates first…) and
whether each is set to auto-renew, or expire?

Or do I just have to click into each domain and look at each overview page, individually, to check when they all expire? OMG I hope not – I have quite a few!

Also, will Cloudflare be emailing me a reminder before renewing a
domain that’s set to auto-renew …or allowing it to expire, if is
not? How far in advance will the reminder(s) be sent?