Keep Me Logged In - GONE

I am very surprised this is not a common topic right now, as it creates a pretty unnecessary inconvenience…

Why did Cloudflare remove the checkbox and ability to remain logged in? I am now having to log back into Cloudflare at least 3 times a day. Why would a basic quality of life feature like this be removed? What’s the deal?

Hi @kylebarfuss,

It looks like this was mentioned here:

Agreed on the security posture; however, while the OP averages 3 x day login to Cloudflare. I have an extreme experience: I’m logged out while working on, e.g. Workers or Pages. Repeatedly. Plus I still encounter the Cloudflare Dash error page that tells one to reload the page (it’s simpler to login to Community then type; it usually takes one back into the dash).

Screenshot just taken.

@domjh is right that we have removed the ‘remember me’ functionality. That being said, @kylebarfuss having to log in 3x a day is still not expected. Sessions last 24 hours assuming you don’t ‘log out’. We do have some logic that ends sessions if certain aspects of the session like IP or user agent change, so I don’t know if that might be impacting you.

@intr0 its a bit hard to try and identify directly from a screenshot what may be happening. If its at all reproducible and you can get a HAR it would be best to share it in a support ticket so we can investigate more.


Sure thing. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: