Keep getting an error when trying to add my domain

I am just trying to add my website and it said it wasn’t a valid domain, but it literally is, (i have multiple sites that use the same TLD) So I kept trying to add it and now it says " This web property is temporarily restricted from being added to Cloudflare at this time. Please try again later, or contact Cloudflare Support with any questions." Cloudflare being the way they are don’t give people direct access to support which is ■■■■

If you’ve tried to add it too many times in a short span of time, you’ll have to give it some time before you can add it again.

In most cases, a ‘valid’ domain being shown as invalid means that there are no nameservers on that domain. Nameservers that answer for your domain (i.e your registrar’s default) are required for Cloudflare to ‘see’ your domain.

As well as that, in the event you already have Cloudflare for other domains, you cannot use those nameservers (the ones) on your new domain before it’s added.

Cloudflare being the way they are don’t give people direct access to support

You can open a service ticket at on a Free plan so long as it is related to billing, account, 2FA or abuse.

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If only one could google the error message… then Cloudflare support would not have to be #### to problems that actually required talking to a human.

Stop mashing keys randomly, you’ve managed to trigger the fraud/bad actor algorithm. It will reset itself and unless you are in a scenario where a bad actor is actually causing that error to occur Cloudflare’s #### is going to tell you the same ##### thing.

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