Keep getting 502 Errors everyday


When i turn on Cloudflare I keep getting 502 Errors for a 1-2 Mins, at-least once every day. I am guessing its probably because of a query that takes a long time to execute which triggers Cloudflare to timeout, also when this happens my entire site is inaccessible. Is it possible to figure out via Cloudflare which request/query on my website is causing Cloudflare timeouts, i mean is there some logs or something in Cloudflare which will help me figure this out? i am unable to figure this out via server, as on server everything is fine, server-load is almost at around 10%

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If the error includes the CF Ray ID the best way to troubleshoot is likely to provide that support by opening a ticket. We can then check to see if we have any additional details, analytics on that particular request which might help to point to a root cause for the error.

@cs-cf : Thanks, I’ll note down the ray ID when I get this error again and create a support ticket.


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I have setup Cloudflare account and added website 4 days ago, but now i have see in webmaster tool getting too much 502 error. But whenever i open my website on my pc, or any other friends pc then, opening file. I don’t know when and share these 502 error show. as well as today when, i have to try to used PageSpeedInsights for checking page speed then, got the error you can also see this is in screenshots

Before this i mean adding the website to Cloudflare I did not got any 502 or 503 error, So please help me,