Keep getting 404 error (2 time making this)

I got my domain and put html code on it but now is showing
This page can’t be found

No webpage was found for the web address:

HTTP ERROR 404 what do i do (im new too all this stuff)

This doesn’t seem like a Cloudflare issue? You need to verify that there is an index.html or other index file on your origin server to that something is severed.

How do i find that?

@cloonan You did ask if i needed help so could you tell me how to find

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Happily. An easy way is just to enter this in your browser and if you get a 404 page, there is no index.html file. If you use an FTP client or keep a copy of the site on your local machine you can check the file index there as well.

When enter that for your site, I get this

If there is an index.html file, you’ll see the site as opposed to a 404 error.

Thats what i get that error says its 404 thats why i said 404 (if this helps) i have no clue how to get my code so i made a txt file and pasted everything from my index.html to that then Put it in a folder and upload it to Cloudflare EDIT: and i get a browser error

@cloonan Hey just asking were can i find my files on my site?