Keep existing namaservers instead cloudflare ones


Im new here and need bit of help. Im trying to add a website to the cloudlfare, but i dont want to change the name servers to point to cloudflare, instead, i want to keep the existing name servers.

Is there a way that i can connect with cloudflare, using my own name servers, so the dns management wont be on cloudflare?

Thank you!


Without Cloudflare nameservers, you can’t use Cloudflare DNS, which is required to direct requests through Cloudflare.

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someone mentioned that you can use cname instead of the namservers, so i can still be able to use their service while keeping the dns management

Yes, that’s true… but that requires a Business plan ($250/month or $2,400/year).


that make sense then, bit expensive though but it is what it is

thank you for the clarification.

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