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What is your domain?

Moreover, on the Cloudflare dashboard, to manage DNS records you can create another A record with the name of your sub-domain like “sub” (without quotes) and for the content value add the IP address where your website content is hosted and do not forget to make the :orange: cloud to be proxied via Cloudflare.

Just like on the image below:

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What’s the full hostname (sub.example.com) of your subdomain?

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Only sub name in my host name

domain.com” is using Amazon name servers and Amazon IP addresses, not Cloudflare.

So members.keyforketo.com?
Do you have some content on members.keyforketo.com?
It responds to the Cloudflare IP, but … does it exist at the origin host?
And it redirects to www.members.keyforketo.com at least by me … can you try adding another A record like www.members and point it to the same IP address as members is, also making it :orange: cloud?

WordPress redirects ‘members’ to ‘www.members’. And you don’t have a DNS entry for ‘www.members.’

Furthermore, if you do try to use ‘www.members’, you’ll run into a SSL/TLS issue:

I suggest you change you site’s configuration to not use ‘www’ for the ‘members’ subdomain.

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As you say you can’t even get to the dashboard, try updating your wp-config.php file:

define( 'WP_HOME' , 'https://members.keyforketo.com' );

define( 'WP_SITEURL' , 'https://members.keyforketo.com' );

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Do you mean i need to create an another A record with hostname www.members

I mean my website is not loading anything.

Yes, at least try and see what the result would be.


Do you know if you already have had an SSL certificate at your host/origin for members.keyforketo.com (either for www.members.keyforketo.com)?

Moreover, consider the thing as @sdayman stated about the level of your subdomain due to the www prefix of “members”.

What content is on the “members” subdomain? Is the WordPress as already stated from the above reply?

I have also SSL installed on my server.

Was the members.keyforketo.com accessible over HTTPS connection before your domain was added added to your Cloudflare account?

Dashboard and download stuff etc…
I can’t even access the admin login page which is wp-admin

Pfuf, kind of “I cannot do it” because neither I have the access as you have, meaning you have to try to “get back on the track” with it including provided suggestions as already mentioned in the above replies.

Have you tried adding www.members A record and pointing it to your IP address?
Moreover, have you tried temporarly disabling Cloudflare by making :grey: cloud instad of :orange: and trying to turn on the “Enable Development mode”? Any difference?

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