Kaspersky flags Cloudflare certificate as "incomplete"

If I try to access my site carolinagospel.com using https, it’s flagged by Kaspersky as “untrustworthy.” The certificate is from Cloudflare and set to “full.” I’ve attached a couple of screenshots. I’m looking for help on how to resolve this conflict.

Origin certificates aren’t meant for public connections. Only for sites :orange: Proxied by Cloudflare.

The domain you mentioned is not using Cloudflare name servers, though the ‘www’ subdomain is aliased to a Cloudflare hostname. That’s a strange configuration. And ‘www’ redirects to non-www, so it’s not going to work.

Why isn’t that domain using Cloudflare name servers?

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Cloudflare was set up through my host Media Temple.

I’m getting to the point where I’m out of my depth on owning a website, I suppose. I don’t understand half of any of it any more.

Also, the Wordpress site carolinagospel.com was installed using Media Temple’s installer.

I’m not a fan of using third party Cloudflare setups. It makes it difficult to overcome shortcomings.

Unless MediaTemple can issue a regular SSL/TLS certificate (Let’s Encrypt/Comodo/etc), I suggest you undo their Cloudflare setup and start from scratch through dash.cloudflare.com (+Add Site). It’s much more workable this way.

OK…thanks for the help.

I may have found a workaround. In my DNS Zone file at Media Temple, there was a CNAME for www.carolinagospel.com pointing to www.carolinagospel.com.cdn.cloudflare.net but there was not one for carolinagospel.com.

So I added a CNAME line for carolinagospel.com matching the CNAME line for the www. version.

I’m not getting the Kaspersky warning now. Fingers crossed…

If it comes back again, I can refer back to this thread, and try the steps you suggested.

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This usually doesn’t work unless the DNS system is clever enough to flatten that CNAME. (it’s technically not “legal” to have CNAMEs for the apex domain)

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