Karachi, Pakistan Servers Down (DNS ; August-2020

Dear Sirs,

Karachi, Pakistan Cloudflare Servers have been re-routed for more than 4 days and has not been restored and the traffic is re-routed via Dubai, UAE servers instead of Islamabad or Lahore, Pakistan. I am from Karachi, Pakistan and I am getting around 30-50ms ping on and where i used to get around 1-5ms on it. Peformance of web surfing has been downgrade due to this issue.

Kindly restore the Karachi Cloudflare Servers as soon as possible.


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I’m quite sure that’s their goal.


Working fine now


Getting losses on Cloudflare DNS after the servers are operational. I dont know why but I am not getting any losses on any other IP or even Google DNS. Only getting losses on all Cloudflare DNSes which includes ; , ; and ;

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Yes you are right, issue is still existing in Pakistan websites are showing Error 520:

Web server is returning an unknown error, There is an unknown connection issue between Cloudflare and the origin web server. As a result, the web page can not be displayed.

websites are working fine in other regions of world, just not working in Pakistan. Clients are giving complaints that they do not have access to websites in pakistan.

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Yeah. Cloudflare services are down in Pakistan since 1st Sep.

Cloudflare services are down Rerouted in Pakistan.

Cloudflarestatus says it’s been resolved, yet those datacenters are still flagged as Rerouted.


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The ping response is still spiking and is high as i get 1-5ms on

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But how long does it take in rerouted? Does they fix routing issues also?

Yeah same bro.

Re-routing happens instantly

They have rerouted the Pakistan Cloudflare servers to Oman’s Cloudflare server and haven’t routed the traffic back.

Error 520 Ray ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxx • 2020-09-03 15:42:28 UTC
Web server is returning an unknown error

i’m still getting this error on many websites, in Pakistan.
and some time it says on these website

This site can’t be reached

The connection was reset.

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What does it matters to users to Pakistan, if websites are still inaccessible in Pakistan Region, :wink:
Basic thing is that these are the users who can give you right and exact feedback that services are fine or not. Once services are working fine and all websites are functional in this region i will also be glad to change my comments and write them in good statements.

Only Islamabad is rerouted now. Have thing improved? No more out-of-country rerouting?

Its still same i am accessing websites in Lahore, Pakistan. situation is still same as on 1st SEP after cloud-flare outage worldwide.

Islamabad is Stll showing rerouted, after passing one day… :smile:

I am from Karachi and the routes i’m getting are still via Oman


Yeah. Also and DNS Server is not working fine. Even routed from Oman and routed from Singapore in Karachi.

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Has KHI ever worked for anybody in Karachi?

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